Holiday Cards Available Now! December 03 2014

So it's that fabulous time of year again. You know, the time when you have to decide if you do a holiday card or not?  Yeah, that one.  Well, I wanted to share a little bit of a secret with you all.  I have been carrying Birchcraft Holiday Card Designs for a couple years now due to the popularity of their business holiday calendars and I was looking at some of their very cute photo cards and wanted to share.  Every year I want to design a new holiday line, but it never seems to happen.  So, for all of you that would like to support a local business this holiday season, look no further. I can offer these designs and more very easily at my new holiday card website.  Check it out and see if anything suits your fancy!  As a thank you for your support I am offering all holiday card orders 2 free letterpress printed bottle tags.  A value of $7.  (while supplies last)  These are a great item to have around the holidays and to bring to a party along with a bottle of wine.  Cheers!